Friday, May 16, 2008


Sorry I've been missing in action!! So what has been keeping me busy? My friend asked me to make a scrapbook inspired by the Tiffany & Co. gift box. So I went to the website first to see what she wanted, looked pretty easy. Well it turned out to be more work than I thought. The paper I bought first was too thin to Modge Podge onto my cardboard cover, it left way too many wrinkles. The second paper that I bought worked great but was hard to manipulate the way I wanted it at times since it was a thicker paper. So I was able to finish it last night, whew, finally! I like the way it turned out though... what do you think? Here is the inspiration a Tiffany gift box, and here it my interpretation:)

For the cover using cardstock I covered a piece of 9 1/2 x 11 inch cardboard with Modge Podge and adhered the cardstock. I folded it under the corners like wrapping a present. I then cut a piece of same color of cardstock for the inside of the cover and adhered it with Modge Podge. I then let it dry. I made the back cover the same way. Once dry I Modge Podged the entire cover front and back with a good amount of Modge Podge to give it a glossy look. After letting that dry for several hours, I punched three holes using my Crop-a-dile, to line up with the page inserts. To decorate the front cover I used a 2 inch white ribbon and wrapped it just like you would a present and tied it in a bow. I used glue dots to make it stay nice and pretty:) I used book rings to hold the book together and tied some 1/2 inch white ribbon on each ring for an added touch. The first page reads who it's for, the date and who it's from in a pretty font from my computer:) The inside holds 25 top loading scrapbook pages for her to place her pictures from her shower and to decorate as she wants. You can't have a gift without a greeting card! So I made a 5 x 5 inch card mimicking the album. The front of the card reads "it's a shower for you". The inside reads "a special day for you". I stamped both using my CTMH Special Days set. I made an envelope using matching cardstock and to close it I included a white bow to keep it shut:)Hope everyone has had a good week:) And has a even better weekend!

Happy Stamping!



Kat Gomez.. said...'s cute I like it.. I know what u mean about the modge podge..gotta love it though.. hee ok love ya Kat..

Laura said...

Wow, this turned out great! Don't you just hate it when you think, this is going to be super easy and it definitely isn't. I have so been THERE before! I am glad you are back.