Thursday, July 10, 2008

Go Away Fires!

I am so sick of all these wildfires! We are yet again under evacuation for another wildfire that is threatening the east side of Paradise. It is not mandatory yet for our area, we are currently under Precautionary Evacuation. So we have all of our important papers and pictures and items that can't be replaced loaded in our truck ready to go. The smoke and ash is the worst I've ever seen it. The air quality control said that our area here in Paradise is hazardous... GREAT! I just want to pack up and go to the ocean! For anyone else that is battling what we are going through our thoughts and prayers go out to you! I will try to keep you updated. Hope everyone is doing well. And I want to give a huge THANKS to all the firefighters, volunteers, heavy equipment operators and law enforcement that have been trying to save out little community! You are all amazing!



Sara Moreno said...

Hi Carrie, just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Even though we are in Redding, I don't really know anybody there. Hope you guys are ok. I won't complain about our air anymore, just saw your air quality.
Hope all goes well,

Katie Renz said...

Hugs Carrie.